Who We Are 

Boars Nest Hunts is located on the Skull Creek Ranch which has been a part of the Heffley family for many generations. Skull Creek Ranch is conveniently located near Houston, Austin. College Station, and San Antonio. Owner, John Heffley, grew up spending his weekends out at the ranch, hunting, fishing and camping. Many great memories were made there.

John and his wife Rhonda have two sons, the family enjoys spending time in the country. When they opened the Boars Nest for business, they hoped to provide an opportunity for others to enjoy the country too.

The ranch is perfect for families to come out and enjoy the countryside. You can get the thrill of a hunt but you can also enjoy a peaceful afternoon fishing at the tank followed by a nice campfire at the cabin and plenty of nature's sounds to sing you to sleep. John and his family want to make your hunting and camping experience memorable.